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What to Do When You Have Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

After a roof leak has occurred your home can be drenched on the inside. Other problems such as broken plumbing pipes and even damages from storms can really create a problem in your home especially when it comes to water damage. Dealing with water damage can be difficult in some cases and you’ll need to hire professionals. If you suspect water damage has occurred in your home be sure to check out these steps that you’ll need to take if you have any sort of water damage in Ann Arbor Michigan.

What to Do When You Have Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

Storms and other problems can really take a toll on a home with water leaking into the home. And although it may seem really bad to find a water leak or problem in your home it’s much better than having a water leak and you don’t realize it. Small leaks can be some of the more problematic because they usually go without being noticed and allow all sorts of problems to occur from mold growth to attracting insects into your home. If you’ve noticed any sort of water damage in Ann Arbor Michigan home be sure to check out the steps below to learn more about handling this situation.

What to Do When You Have Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

Be Aware of Electrical Connections

If your home has flooded or water came into the home rapidly for a problem be aware of any electrical connections and wiring in the home. Wires and electrical appliances that are sitting in water should not be touched and you should not attempt to unplug or move any of them. If you can reach the electrical panel of your home so that you can switch off the circuit breakers you can but only if they aren’t affected by the water. If the home is completely flooded this likely isn’t an option and you’ll need to leave from the home.

The Home Should Be Dried Quickly

Once the storm is over or the leak has been stopped it’s important to dry up as much water as you can. You’ll also want to dry the water as quickly as possible. Letting the water sit in your home for a few days should not be an option and removing it needs to be a priority. The longer the water sits in your home the more water damage in Ann Arbor Michigan will occur. Once you’ve got most of the water dried you’ll need to hire a professional water damage contractor that can bring in fans and other equipment to help dry the home thoroughly. Furniture and carpets that are wet can be huge problems and you’ll need to get them dried as well.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Make a call to your insurance company and speak with them about the problem. You may need to snap photos of the water damage as it occurred. Each insurance company is different and they have different rules for dealing with this stuff. Some restoration companies have insurance specialists on staff so they may be able to help with getting a claim in from your insurance company.

Get Your Home Inspected for Mold

Water damage that has occurred in the home is a big problem but not only does the water destroy parts of the home it opens the home up to other problems, most notably, mold. Mold can grow in your home if the environment is right and one thing that usually makes mold grow is a damp area. This is why a small leak that allows water to constantly and over time damage the home it can allow mold to grow. Once the water damage in Ann Arbor is removed you’ll need to get the home inspected for mold damage. If your home does have mold damage it’s very important that it’s removed during the home restoration process.

Get a Professional Home Restoration Contractor to Help

If your home has a water leak or water damage that has occurred in Ann Arbor Michigan be sure to call one of the best home restoration contractors in the Ann Arbor area which is A2Restoration. They offer full home restoration services including mold removal and water damage repair in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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