Top Residential Roofing Contractors in Pinckney Michigan

Top Residential Roofing Contractors in Pinckney Michigan 2

If you live in the small town of Pinckney, Michigan, you are enjoying beautiful scenery every day. With a population of just over 2,400, your city is known for its exciting annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and an award-winning high school orchestra. Homes in your town range from small bungalows to ranch-style, colonial and two-story varieties. There are also apartment buildings, grocery stores, retail buildings, offices, beauty salons, restaurants and other structures. It’s a nice, quaint place to live for you and your family. Homeowners take care of their properties there, careful not to overlook damaged siding, windows, gutters and shingles. When the weather gets bad in our state one of the first areas to be tested are roofs. If your current roof is old, outdated and poorly installed, it will likely fall apart quickly when the snow, rain, hail and ice arrive.

Top Residential Roofing Contractors in Pinckney Michigan

There is a checklist you should follow if you’re seeking top residential roofing contractors in Pinckney MI.  Here are a few key points:


  • Make sure they are insured, licensed and certified to install GAF and CertainTeed materials
  • Ask if the owner is hands-on; if not, they may be spread too thin or not concerned about projects
  • Ask about money back guarantees, warrantees on labor and materials, and one-day roof installation


The more informed you are about all of these things, the better off you will be financially. Knowledge is power.


Home improvements add value to your residence


You may not be considering selling your property right now, but who knows what you’ll do in the future? By maintaining your house, you are ensuring it will only increase in worth. If you try to sell a home in poor condition, with an unsafe porch, peeling siding and missing or loose shingles, you won’t get top dollar for it should you decide to put it on the market. Sure, remodeling can be a big undertaking, but if you hired licensed professionals such as roofers to do the job you won’t have any worries.  The perfect roofing contractor is the #1 choice for your neighbors and friends in Pinckney Michigan. Excellent companies offer a large range of services including roof maintenance, installation, replacement, shingle repair, protective roof coatings, roof inspections, tear-offs and re-roofs.  They should take care of both residential and commercial roof issues. And in the wintertime, that same company will provide roof shoveling and ice dam removals on even the coldest of days. No one wants to climb a roof in zero-degree weather, but the right roofing contractor won’t mind a bit – because they have the proper safety gear, ladders and other heavy duty equipment.


The perfect roofing contractor is the #1 choice for your neighbors and friends in Pinckney Michigan.


A roof inspection should cover the interior and exterior


Most people probably think roofing inspections are only done externally, however, that is not the case. There are signs to look for inside, too, such as water leaking around your attic. When outside, check the ground for any fallen shingles. Also, do you see any shingles that have curled? How is your chimney?  Does it look like it’s falling apart?  If so, you  need to call an expert immediately. If you’re looking for a friendly and fair company see if they’re listed with the Better Business Bureau.  A stamp of approval from this highly prestigious agency is a terrific endorsement.  Flat roofs, metal roofs other styles, even “green” roofs, should be available for you to  look over when you visit a top roofing company. Livingston County, located in Southeast Michigan, is home to Pinckney as well as Fowlerville, Howell, Brighton, Hamburg and many other Townships. It’s a beautiful place to call home. Be sure to make the right decisions about property management, maintenance and other repairs. If the home improvement project is on a large-scale, such as doors, windows, flooring, siding or a roof, you will need reliable and dependable experts. Check out their record in customer service, quality and products. See if recent roofing jobs can be found on their Twitter or Facebook pages. Word of mouth is often the best type of referral your company can benefit from. Satisfied customers will often share their positive. Don’t risk a fall by climbing a ladder yourself. Call the top roofing company in your neighborhood.

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