Top 5 Roof Ventilation Facts You Need to Know

A lot of homeowners are unaware of the importance of roof ventilation in their homes. Roof ventilation is so important that it is usually involved in every type of roofing job. While your roofer in Canton Michigan should take care of ensuring you have proper and functional ventilation, it’s important for you to educate yourself on roof ventilation. That being said, here are the top five facts you need to know!

Top 5 Roof Ventilation Facts You Need to Know

Not having the proper ventilation on your roof can be a major problem. It can cause your roof to fail prematurely, allow mold growth in your home, and more. And even though you may have gable vents and attic fans installed in your home you may still have problems with the roof ventilation. Many times problems can occur in the vents such as wildlife making nests and blocking the airflow to failing vents. In any event, you’ll need to get a roof inspection done on your Canton Michigan home to ensure the roof ventilation is working. Here are the five facts you should know about roof ventilation:

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  1. Poor Ventilation Leads to Damage

Like any structures in your home, if you have poor ventilation, then your home will suffer. For example, poor ventilation under your roof causes hot air to be blown directly to your roof, which heats it more than it needs to be. Ultimately, this leads to heat stress and damage during warmer months.


Unfortunately, heat damage isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Low roof ventilation gives water more space to build up and create condensation. This can lead to various types of water damage, such as rotting and mildew.


  1. Energy Efficiency

While having the minimum standard amount of ventilation is enough to protect your roof, you shouldn’t settle for the minimum. Instead, you should seek a maximum amount of ventilation to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.


For example, having ample roof ventilation can ultimately lower your energy bills because it helps your roof stay cool for a longer time during the summer and warm during the winter. In turn, you won’t have to crank the AC or blast the heat, so your energy bills will be lower.


  1. Vent Size is Affected by Protection

While it’s important to protect your vents with wired screens to ensure pests and bugs won’t infiltrate your home, it’s also important to consider how protection effects vent size.


Generally, the larger and thicker protection you have means your vent will have lower working space. This doesn’t mean that you should cut down on protection. Instead, you might have to invest in more vents to ensure your roof has proper ventilation. If you’re concerned whether or not you have an adequate protection to vent ratio, contact your local contractor.

  1. Attic Fans Aren’t Always the Best Option

Many homeowners think the best way to fill their home with natural cool air is by installing one or a few electric fans in their attic. While this is a great option for some homes, it’s usually not the best option because it is often unnecessary, especially if you already have an influx of vents. In fact, attic fans are the best option for homeowners who have a moderate amount of intake vents and don’t have any holes or openings in their attic floor


Not only are attic fans sometimes unnecessary, but they also stimulate a vacuum sensation by pushing out air through an exhaust vent. When this happens, air seeps through the attic and rooms in your home. So, you’re essentially losing critical cool air, which might influence how much you blast your AC.


  1. Balance is Important

Homeowners are often confused about how they should size intake and exhaust vents. For a general rule of thumb, your intake vents should be the same size of your exhaust vents. If not, extra air from your exhaust vents will be wasted.

It should be noted that some contractors don’t toy around with balancing intake and exhaust vents. That’s why you should make sure your contractor is skilled and knowledgeable about intake and exhaust roof ventilation.

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