Tips for Choosing the Best Siding in Pinckney Michigan

Sometimes adding or updating the components of your home can have a huge impact on how it looks and also how much it’s worth. One of those components is the siding on your home. For home owners in Pinckney Michigan there are some things you’ll need to consider when adding or updating the siding on your home. In this article I’ll discuss some of the more popular siding in Pinckney Michigan choices that are available for this area as well as give you some tips on which you should choose and why. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Siding in Pinckney Michigan

Most homes built today have components that are designed to last a long time without much interaction or maintenance from the home owner. However, there are also some siding choices that still require a great deal of care and maintenance. Siding such as wooden siding may look great but there is a trade off because it’s one type of siding that usually requires much more maintenance than other choices. Depending on the siding your home currently has installed there are ways to install a different type of siding. Sometimes without removing the old siding the new siding can be installed however each application can be different and you’ll need to speak with the siding contractor to determine the installation procedure of the new siding.

Tips for Choosing the Best Siding in Pinckney Michigan

Types of Siding Available

There are four main types of siding available. Well, actually five if you include brick or masonry but many times even on homes that have brick siding installed there are some parts of the home which have other types of siding installed. I’ll go over each type of siding below and give you some advantages and disadvantages of each type of siding.

Wooden Siding – One of the most beautiful types of siding (in my opinion) is wooden siding. Wooden siding has a warmth that many other siding types try to match. Wooden siding has been around for many years, in fact, log cabins basically have wooden siding. Although wooden siding looks great and can last for a long time it does have some drawbacks. One of the biggest for most home owners is the price. Wooden siding can get expensive. Especially when using woods that perform better on the exterior of a home such as Cedar. Another problem with wooden siding is that it can require a lot of maintenance. From sealing the siding and painting it to treating it for insects, wooden siding typically requires much more maintenance than other types of siding.

Fiber Cement Siding – One type of siding that has recently made a huge impact on the housing industry is fiber cement siding. Made from cement and fibers this siding does not rot and requires very little maintenance. It has different planks that can be installed that have wood grain appearance if you prefer or smooth appearance. One of the more popular manufacturers of fiber cement siding is James Hardie Siding. Fiber cement siding can be painted and also ordered with your color choice of paint. Fiber cement siding is typically more expensive than vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding has been around for a while now and the choices and colors that are available can allow you to give your home a look that is unique. Vinyl siding is one of the most economical choices for siding on a home and it truly looks great if installed correctly. Although vinyl siding will protect your home for the weather elements here in Pinckney Michigan it can be damaged easily, especially during winter which the siding is more brittle.

Metal Siding – One type of siding that was once very popular for residential homes is metal siding. In particular aluminum siding. However, since vinyl siding has entered the market most metal siding is now installed only on commercial buildings.

Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home with New Siding

One advantage that you’ll get from any type of siding is a boost in curb appeal. When new siding is installed on your home it can instantly increase the curb appeal of your home which in turn can make it more valuable. Depending on the type of siding and the insulation that was installed with the siding you can also make your home more energy efficient as well.

Get a Siding Estimate Today in Pinckney Michigan

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