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Signs it’s Time to Hire a Home Improvement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

Home Improvement Ann Arbor MI

Once the harsh winter months are behind you, it’s easy to see what kind of beating your home took. You’ll likely see things you need to address sooner rather than later. You’ll also notice those things that you put off for a while that are beginning to look like they won’t be able to be ignored any longer. Getting a qualified home improvement contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan to make repairs or better prepare your home for winter is crucial to ensure your home functions as it should. We’ll share some tips on things you can do to keep your home in great shape this winter season.

Signs it’s Time to Hire a Home Improvement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

Even if things aren’t to a point where you don’t even recognize your own home, you still probably will catch yourself noticing more and more that needs to get done. While there’s always things we can do ourselves, there will come a point in time where contacting a contractor is necessary. The question becomes, then, just when is the right time to do that? If you find any of these things going on with your home, it’s time to call a licensed contractor to come help with your home.

Signs it’s Time to Hire a Home Improvement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

You have concerns about your deck. If you find yourself warning people about areas of your deck or to not lean on railings, you likely need some major repairs done. Even if your deck isn’t in the worse shape, it needs maintenance if it’s older. Rather than keep around the old wooden deck that you need to sand and refinish year after year, maybe it’s time to switch to a composite deck.

A composite deck can give you the look and feel of a wooden deck but with the durability and lifespan that goes far beyond that of your old deck. Not to mention, composite decks are really forgiving to spills and pets that could really work a number on wooden ones. Easy cleanup on composite decks will make you question why you didn’t get with a contractor sooner.

Windows are acting up in your home. Older windows tend to cause problems over time. They often bring down the look of your home as they can only be dressed up so much. There’s only so much cleaning and scrubbing you can do, and they still don’t look pristine. This is just a product of their age and what they’ve been put through.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, older windows can also pose some other reasons to get them replaced. Sometimes they begin to stick as the house around them has changed and settled. Others rattle and shake. The worst possible thing is windows that don’t lock anymore. This is both a security and safety issue! Get those windows replaced with the help of a professional before they pose a bigger risk.

Your home needs a pick me up in color. Sometimes we just want something new and fresh and exciting. Like a completely new color for our home. Trends change, you change, neighborhood changes, so why not change up how your home looks?

Getting a contractor to give your home a color facelift will ensure it’s done correctly and will take the pressure off of you. You won’t have to worry with the physical labor of painting, and you can rest easy knowing it will get done quickly as well!

Your house is the bee’s knees. Seriously, if you have a bee problem, your siding is quite possibly to blame. An exterminator can only do so much, as your siding will already be prime property for another round of bees to set up shop. Instead, you’ll have to opt for new siding.

Keep in mind that the rustic siding you love so much (if this is the case) of cedar shake siding is prime property for bees and pests. It’s worth noting that cedar and other wood siding tends to be a great nesting material for insects, making it also a great foraging location for woodpeckers and other critters. This can lead to even more damage to your home.

Winter is over! Ok so you just made it through another winter, possibly a harsh one with lots of storms. If this is the case, your house could’ve really taken a beating and it looks like it too. If you began to notice that your doors, windows, and siding was looking pretty rough during the winter, it’s time to get those things taken care of and replaced. We all opt to wait out the winter, but spring is the time for fresh new things to happen!

Your roof likely took a beating over the winter. Strong winds can really do a number on your shingles, so you could be at risk for a leaky roof. You don’t want to wait until leaks are obvious, so get a roof inspection done come springtime so that you can contact a contractor as soon as any issues are found and get them fixed before damages get worse.

Your siding gets just as beaten up in the winter when branches hit it, wind gets to work on it, and when ice freezes over it. With fluctuation in the weather, your siding really puts up a tough fight. It could be time to get any broken or worn areas of siding fixed this spring.

Don’t wait for problems your home has to get worse. Instead, contact a qualified contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan today such as A2 Home Pros and get those changes made to your house now! Make sure they’re done right and you’ll have your house looking good as new! Call now at 734-548-9910

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