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Signs Your Chimney Needs Rebuilding

Signs Your Chimney Needs Rebuilding

It’s a good idea to get your chimney professionally inspected every fall just to make sure that it’s in good working order. But there are signs that even a lay person can detect that gives a hint that the chimney needs to be rebuilt. One sign is when you see wisps of smoke coming out of the sides and not just the top of your chimney. This is a sign that the tiles that line the flue have loose joints. Smoke in the attic and smoke that escapes into the room where the fireplace is can also be signs of a chimney that needs to be rebuilt.

The problem is especially urgent if the smoky fire doesn’t respond to your attempts to fix a bad draw by opening the damper or installing an air vent or a fan in the chimney. If you ever venture up on your roof, you can feel for hot spots in the chimney. Hot spots are another sign that the flue is broken and the chimney may need to be rebuilt. Other signs are the chimney continuing to smoke even when there’s no fire and a chimney that’s obviously sagging or leaning to one side.

Bricks that are cracked, loose or have fallen out are also signs that the chimney is in trouble. If you need more information about your chimney, contact Pinckney Home Improvement and be sure to check out the chimney repair article that was recently featured.

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