Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Remodel Your Kitchen With the Pros

Remodel Your Kitchen With the Pros

The key to remodeling your kitchen is planning ahead. This means more than putting your favorite pizza delivery on speed dial. Work on the big picture with your contractor; he’ll help you with the details too. Neither one of you wants any surprises on a job like this, so consulting time together is really important.

Work around what’s already there. You’ll save time and money by not relocating your appliances. Even if you’re replacing them with newer models, the plumbing and wiring are already in place; take advantage of the hookups. The same principle applies to cabinets. Rip out the old ones, and rebuild in the existing space. Changing doors, finishes and hardware gives you that brand new look. Instead of paint, consider tiling at least one wall. You’ll add color, texture and a surface that will last for years. Remember, the pros at Pinckney Home Improvement are always your best resource for smart remodeling ideas.

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