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Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom in Michigan? Let’s Take a Look at the Cost

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One of the rooms in your home that can always seem to use a makeover is the bathroom. Maybe it’s because we spend time in the bathroom everyday. Or maybe because it’s one of those rooms that everyone in the house visits, well, frequently. Unlike a bedroom or home office it’s a room that is absolutely needed in a home of today. Updating the bathroom can come at some pretty high prices and most people really don’t have any idea just how much it costs to have a new bathroom in Michigan cost wise. There are many elements that come into play which I will go over in this article. 

Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom in Michigan?
Let’s Take a Look at the Cost

The prices for a new bathroom in Michigan are much in line with other areas of the same cost of living. Prices may be a bit higher in the winter months because of the climate here in Michigan but overall the prices and costs associated with a bathroom remodel in Michigan is comparable to other states across the U.S.. There are many things that can cause the cost of your bathroom remodel to go up or down depending on your choices. In fact, the choices you make when it comes to these components will really determine just how much your new bathroom in Michigan will cost.

Is This a Complete Bathroom Remodel or Just an Update?

To save money many homeowners will just do an update to their bathroom. This usually includes things like painting the walls and ceilings and possibly adding a new flooring to the bathroom. No walls or fixtures that are currently in place are removed. A bathroom remodel of this nature could cost as little as a few hundred dollars. When you need to redo or remove walls and fixtures the prices can go up dramatically. Determine exactly what you want to update in the bathroom and talk with the contractor about the prices for just that area.

Materials Used Can Move the Price Along

Linoleum flooring is a very inexpensive way to cover a bathroom floor. Adding in fancy ceramic tile can make the price of the flooring go up however. There are many areas in the bathroom that you’ll be able to choose the materials used in the bathroom remodel. Choosing higher quality materials that cost more will drive the price of the new bathroom in Michigan up. This can include choices for the following items:

  • Shower and/or Bathtub
  • Fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Shower Doors
  • Walls
  • Vanity and cabinets
  • Toilet

As you can see there are many things that can raise or lower the price of your bathroom remodel. It’s up to you to stay on budget when choosing these components.

Not accounting for the small stuff in your budget can be a disaster. Lots
of small items will start to add up quickly before you even realize it.


Are You Doing Any of the Work Yourself?

Sometimes you can save money by doing some of the work yourself. Talk with your home improvement contractor about things that you may be able to do to save some money. Painting and demo are two popular things that home owners usually can take care of without incident.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Not accounting for the small stuff in your budget can be a disaster. Lots of small items will start to add up quickly before you even realize it. Things like cabinet pulls or a new bathroom door and handle can quickly add a few hundred dollars to your bathroom remodel. Make sure you attempt  to account for all the items used in your bathroom remodel.

Are You Moving Any Plumbing?

One of the more expensive things that you will face when getting a new bathroom in Michigan is moving plumbing around. Relocating bathroom components can get expensive when a plumber needs to start moving pipes and re-routing plumbing in your home. If you want to save money be sure to leave the bathroom components where they are. Replacing a component is okay as long as the plumbing pipes don’t need to be moved.

Are you considering getting a bathroom remodel done on your Michigan home?
If so, be sure to check out the prices that can affect a new bathroom in Michigan

Get a Bathroom Remodel Quote from a Home Improvement Contractor

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