Preventing Your Roof Shingles in Canton Michigan During Winter Storms

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The roof shingles on your home are always at odds against the weather. During the summer months the scorching heat and UV rays of the sun are beating down on the roof. And during the winter, the colder weather makes the roof more brittle. And in snow and ice and it can really put a roof in Canton Michigan to the test. Typically, during these colder months damages occur on the roof and once a roof leak starts it can lead to all sorts of problems. One of the most common types of damage on the roof during winter is known as roof ice dams. If your home doesn’t have proper roof ice dam prevention in place it can cause problems on your home’s roof. We’ll include some tips to help you get through the winter and keep your roof in good working order. 

Preventing Your Roof Shingles in Canton Michigan During Winter Storms

Because your roof goes through so much during the winter it is important to properly prepare it for the colder months. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements so it is crucial that you keep it in good shape and prevent any possible problems. This is especially true in the winter when ice and snow build up and the cold temperatures threaten your roof’s integrity.

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There are four major preventative measures you need to take before the temperature drops and snow falls to make sure your roof survives the winter storms without issue.

They include:

  1. Inspecting Your Roof And Attic

Regular roof inspections are key in spotting damage quickly and preventing major problems down the road. But this is especially important to do prior to snow fall. Consider the amount of snow that collects on your roof over the course of the winter. If there are any cracks or holes in your roof, the snow will make it’s way through and the moisture can quickly spread through the roof and cause mold to grow. The mold can go through the rest of your home and you can spend thousands just trying to get rid of it.

You should have a professional come out to look at your roof so you don’t miss anything or get hurt in the process. But you can do your attic inspection by looking for any moisture spots, light coming through or draft. Everything needs to be sealed properly and you should make sure any possible problems, no matter how small, are dealt with.

  1. Clear Your Roof Of Any Debris

If you have a lot of debris on your roof you can end up with a build up of moisture in that area and damaging your roof’s shingles and sub roof.  This is why you need to clear your roof of any twigs, branches, leaves or other debris. To cut down on the buildup of debris you should trim any surrounding trees and keep your gutters cleaned out.

  1. Check And Clean Gutters And Downspouts

The leaves aren’t the only things that can clog your gutters. Too much snow or a buildup of ice can prevent proper drainage and cause moisture to build up. The moisture can freeze and turn into ice dams or soak through and cause mold problems. In addition to making sure the gutters are clear, you should also make sure the gutters are at a right angle and secured properly to the house. You should also make sure there are no leaks anywhere in the system,

  1. Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams become huge problems for not only your roof, but your entire home. This happens when snow and ice are allowed to build up on the ridges of the roof. When gone untreated, the ice dams can cause surface damage breaking up and harming shingles, and affect the entire structural integrity of your home.

To help prevent these ice dams you should always keep your gutters clear and functional, remove any debris from your roof and make sure your have proper insulation in your attic. You should also make sure your attic is properly ventilated.

If you suspect there is a problem on your home’s roof be sure to contact a qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan. Twelve Oaks Roofing is one of the top roofers in Canton Michigan. They offer free estimates and roof inspections. Call today if you think there may be problems on your home’s roof at 248-525-6950

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