How Your Home’s Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Can Increase Its Curb Appeal

Siding Installation in Ann Arbor MI

When you think about your home’s curb appeal what comes to mind? Well-kept lawns, beautiful gardens and coordinated colors are all great ways to increase your curb appeal. The siding of your home is a fantastic place to start when it comes to making your home more aesthetically appealing. Whether this is to gain interest in buyers, or just to make your home look better to increase its value, siding can be an efficient and affordable option. To get the most out of your home’s siding it is important to consider certain factors and make sure you are making the right decision. Having a siding contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan install new siding on your home can boost your curb appeal quickly and typically dramatically. We’ll go over some ways new siding can impact your home’s curb appeal.

How Your Home’s Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Can Increase Its Curb Appeal

There are many choices today when it comes to your home’s siding. All of them can protect your home from the elements but not all of them will look the same. Some of the higher quality sidings such as James Hardie Siding can give your home a much better appearance but the costs associated with those siding choices is higher. Some siding choices such as wooden siding can give you an awesome looking home but it requires loads of maintenance to keep that appearance. Vinyl siding is used on many homes in Ann Arbor Michigan because it protects well against the weather, is economical, and it looks great. Plus, vinyl siding requires very little maintenance. A good siding contractor can install any of these siding choices for you and if you’re wanting to boost your home’s curb appeal, consider these siding choices.

How Your Home’s Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Can Increase Its Curb Appeal

Consider Your Colors

The color of your home is more important than you might think. Darker colors attract and retain more heat than their lighter counterparts. But lighter colors show stains more easily. If there are trees or shrubs near your home it is important to make sure that they stay trimmed and away from your siding. The greenery can both damage your siding and rub off, causing ugly green stains. It is recommended that you choose a color that is neither too dark or too light to balance out these issues. You can also consider the color of your roof and windows to see what would fit best with the aesthetic you already have.

Consider Your Textures

There are many types of sidings that you can choose from and all have their own benefits and downsides. But sidings like stone, brick or fiber cement can offer textures that you will not get in other sidings like wood or aluminum. You can also consider getting vinyl siding printed to get the appearance of these different textures, but without all of the maintenance and cost that can come with it.

 Consider Your Architecture

Different homes have different architectural footprints. Because there isn’t a uniformity to homes it is important to consider your individual home when looking for siding. If you have a large, multi-story home it can be expensive to use materials like stone. It is also important to make sure your home is structurally strong enough to handle the time of siding you are considering. Stone is a heavier material and may become problematic as you try to cover several stories.  There are also additional features like pillars or porches that should be considered in your siding decision to make sure they both match the rest of your home and be applied without disturbing those features.

 Don’t Forget Functionality

In your desire to increase your curb appeal it can often mean overlooking functionality. There are many high quality materials like vinyl that will both provide a beautiful range of aesthetically pleasing options and great durability. High maintenance materials that have a shorter lifespan may look nice, but won’t be worth it in the long term. So before you purchase a siding that makes your house look great, make sure that it will also keep the house safe as well.

Get an Estimate on New Siding for your Home

Installing new siding on your home can certainly boost it’s curb appeal. However, the siding should be installed correctly or else it may have the opposite effect on your home’s value. Using a licensed and insured contractor is a must for siding installation on your home. Call A2 Home Pros today at 734-548-9910 for a free estimate on siding installation for your home.

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