How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

When looking to replace the windows in your Ann Arbor Michigan home, you may find that there are plenty of how-to videos and articles about doing it yourself. These could make it seem like window replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan is a very easy task that anyone can do on their own. This is actually quite misleading. While window replacement can be very simple and to the point, this is most definitely a job for a professional home improvement or home window contractor.

How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

One of the best home improvement projects you can do for your home is to install new replacement windows. In fact, replacing your home’s older, less energy efficient windows can be one of the best home improvement projects for a variety of reasons. Increased home value, better energy efficiency, and more. There are some things you’ll need to consider when hiring a window replacement contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan however. Be sure to consider these tips when considering a window replacement project.

How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

Researching your Options

As with any home improvement project, it is very important to focus on researching your window replacement options before getting started. You’ll want to look into what types of windows you want, to include the style, materials, and any special features you may want. This can greatly affect how you go into the project with a contractor. Some contractors may specialize in specific types of windows, such as fiberglass or energy efficient options, so you will want to make sure you talk to someone who knows about the type of windows you choose.

You’ll also want to consider your window warranty options. Most window manufacturers will offer a warranty on the windows themselves, but incorrect installation will void that. Making sure you have a reputable contractor that knows their stuff will ensure your warranty is maintained for the long term. Often, contractors will offer an additional workmanship warranty, so it would be wise to research your contractor options to see if there are any who offer that type of warranty as well.

Cost Bidding

It seems that three is the magic number when it comes to getting bids for your project estimates. You never want to go with the first bid you get. You also want to make sure that you have well rounded bids for those you do receive. Window replacement bids should include materials, supplies, and labor costs as well as an estimated timeline for the project. The more well rounded a bid is the less room there is for misunderstanding later on.

In addition to the price, you’ll want to discuss the payment terms with each bidder. There should never be an instance where you pay the entire cost of the window replacement up front. A reputable contractor also wouldn’t ask that of you. Check your local laws to be sure that any bids are asking for the appropriate down payment amount. The details of the remainder can be worked out as you go into contract.

Reading the Fine Print

Make sure you fully understand the contract you are going into. There should always be the option of the warranty provided by the contractor to cover any mishaps or mistakes on their behalf. Most window replacement issues begin in their installation, so this coverage can really help you to save in the long run.

References are Important

Just as you would with any project around the house, be sure to look at the reviews given to the contractor you are planning to work with. It would be wise to do the same for the manufacturing company that your new windows will be coming from. You’ll want to check to see how long they have been in business, as well as the product and consumer reviews given to them based on past projects.

Be sure to check on the licensing of your contractor to make sure they are in fact a specialized professional fit to do the task at hand. You should also ask about the training that any of their workers have received. You want to make sure you are getting the job you pay for and that everyone with hands on the project has the correct training and skill set to get the job done right.

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