How To Clean Your Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Properly

How To Clean Your Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Properly

New siding is a great way to show off your home, unfortunately with Spring though, you’ll find that your siding can get pretty dirty with grime and filth. That’s why it’s recommended to clean it every year depending on your area. Most siding is low-maintenance, all it really requires is a good cleaning to ensure your curb appeal isn’t being affected by the dirt and grime that tends to build up on this particular siding. Be sure to keep up with the look of your home’s siding in Ann Arbor Michigan, as it could cause issues if it’s never cleaned properly.

How To Clean Your Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Properly

It’s important to take care of things you own, especially when it comes to things that revolve around your home and protect it. With steel siding, you’ll feel safe from its durability and feel good about the curb appeal it brings, but that doesn’t mean nothing has to be done. Cleaning it ensures that damage is not left unseen while also keeping your curb appeal high with a beautiful home. If you’re wondering how you can make your home stand out with high curb appeal, then keep reading to learn how to clean your steel siding properly.

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Power Washing Is Okay

If you’ve ever read up on how to clean other sidings such as vinyl siding, then you may know that if you aren’t experienced with power washing that it could easily damage your vinyl siding in an instant. Well, unlike vinyl siding, steel siding is perfectly okay to be power washed! Of course some experience would be helpful, power washing your steel siding is one of the best options to use as it’s quick and non lethal to your steel siding. It will save you hours of having to scrub with a brush to get dirt loosened up from your steel siding. If you don’t own a power washer, it could be a good idea to hire someone to do it for you.

Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

It’s common for many homeowners to think chemicals are a good idea when cleaning their steel siding, however you’ll want to stay far away from harsh chemicals when cleaning your siding. They can easily damage it leaving severe problems that you’ll later need to fix. Cleaning your steel siding should only require some detergent and water if you’re power washing it, so don’t buy a lot of chemicals thinking it will do more good than bad.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Siding Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

Start The Initial Clean

When we say start the initial clean, it means you’ll want to mix up the solutions that you’ve got with water and begin brushing your steel siding, you’ll want to do this to ensure no dirt or grime is held intact after you get done power washing. Power washing can be extremely efficient, but sometimes it can miss some dirt or grime.

Power Washing Time

After you’re finished with scraping the steel siding to loosen up the debris that’s stuck to it, then it’s time to finally power wash your home’s siding. If you’re inexperienced with power washing, then it’s recommended that you test your practice elsewhere rather than your home’s siding. That way you won’t damage anything that’s crucial to keeping your home safe. If you don’t own a power washer, consider hiring a professional siding expert to power wash your steel siding for you to bring back the life and beauty of your siding today.

Finishing Up

That’s as simple as it gets, make sure to pack up everything and put it away in a safe area until next year! Cleaning your steel siding is definitely not hard to do and can certainly increase your home’s curb appeal drastically just by a simple cleaning. It’s completely up to you if you’re wanting to take on the job of power washing your home’s steel siding, however if you feel uncomfortable doing it then instead you should hire a professional instead to clean your siding for you.

Well that’s it, while it can seem pretty scary not knowing how to clean your steel siding, it can easily be achieved by the average homeowner that wants to take care of their home. Hiring a professional siding contractor will definitely make this job a lot easier as well. If you have problems with your home’s siding be sure to call the experts at A2 Home Pros today at (734) 548-9910. They can repair or replace your home’s siding quickly and affordably.

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