How Do I Find The Right Roofing Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

Every 15 years or so you’ll need to have your roof replaced. Most roofing will last from 15 years to 25 years with higher quality roofing lasting a while longer. Keeping your roof in good condition and properly maintained can help it last a long time but there will still be a time when you need the help of a roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan to install a new roof. Being sure to hire the best possible roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan is a must. In this article is tips on how to find the best roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

How Do I Find The Right Roofing Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

A roof is such a crucial part of your home and you want to make sure you hire someone capable of doing the job and getting it done right. So how do you find the right person to take on such an important job? Luckily there are some easy ways to find contractors and make sure they are up to the task.

How Do I Find The Right Roofing Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan

Here are a few tips on how to sort through the contractors in your area and find the right one for you:

Research Online: The first step is to look online for contractors and their websites. Because everything is online it is important for companies to have an online presence and make themselves available to clients. Looking at their webpages, seeing what information they offer and getting contact information are all ways to get a feel for who you might be working with. If a company doesn’t make it easy for you to find out about them or try to hide information, you should look at other companies and consider the ones that are “open books” about what they do.

Get Referrals: Asking friends and family for recommendations and referrals is another great way to get information about contractors and how they work. If someone you know and trust recommends someone to you that should be a good sign to look into that company.

Look At Reviews: Checking out online reviews can help you get a better look at the company’s overall performance and if they follow through with their claims. A website is made by the company to make themselves look good to potential clients, but online reviews from sites like Yelp are a good way to get honest reviews from people who have hired that company and seen their work firsthand.

Contact The Contractor: A serious contractor will make sure they provide at least two ways for you to contact them and will make an effort to get in touch with you and make themselves available. A contractor who is not willing to talk or makes it difficult to get in touch with them means they are not professional enough to take on such an important job.

Meet In Person: While talking over the phone is great to start with, you need to meet in person before hiring them. The initial meeting can be at the contractors office or a mutual location, but the contractor will need to see the roof before making a proper estimate on the work. The job can seem simple and them become overly complicated when new problems are discovered, so the contractor should do an inspection to come up with an accurate estimate and know whether they can properly take on the work.

Get It In Writing: No matter how trustworthy the person or company may seem or how great they appear to be, when entering into any kind of work for pay contract it needs to be in writing. This means you lay out in detail the things that need to be done by the contractor, how long it will take, how much it will cost and what materials will be used. This allows both parties to be protected from potential issues and prevents any disagreements or legal matters because everything is very clearly laid out.

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