Finding The Perfect Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan For The Perfect View

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Whether you are looking to remodel your current home, are in the market for a new home or even designing your future home, the windows are an often overlooked, but crucial part of your home. Not only do windows allow for air flow, but they can also be the gateway to some amazing views. So it is important to look at the areas around your home and consider how you would like to look out at them. Getting new windows in Ann Arbor Michigan can improve your home’s energy efficiency and value. But you’ll want to choose the best windows. We’ll go over some of the more common window types and what you should look for when getting replacement windows for your home. 

Finding The Perfect Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan For The Perfect View

The windows in your home need to not only function, but be in alignment with the landscape so you can get the optimum view out of every window in your home. So considering the large variety of views, it only makes sense that there would be a large variety of windows as well. So it is crucial that you are aware of all the different window types and understand their pros and cons so you can make the best choice to get the most out of them.

Finding The Perfect Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan For The Perfect View

Top Ten Window Options For The Best View

Sliding Windows

Possibly the largest option for functional windows, the sliding glass allows you to use the windows as a door as well. Typically one panel of glass is fixed in place while the other slides open and closed horizontally. This allows you to have a large, functional window to get clear views from ground up.

Casement Windows

Opening vertically via a crank on a metal track, the single sash casement windows combine a functioning window with a great look. You can easily line several casement windows up next to each other for a full wall view of outside and you don’t have to sacrifice on security or space. These are especially perfect for in the kitchen, over your sink.

Awning Windows

 Much like an awning on your home, awning windows open at the top to be pushed out. These are ideal for bathrooms or a walk in closet because the open window will be on the outside to prevent taking up any extra room inside. This can be a fantastic way to get a view will positioned so you also get privacy so no one can look in.

Double Hung Windows

The classic window style is now also available in thinner lines so you can see more through the glass. You can keep the traditional windows everyone love without having to sacrifice on the view.

Single Hung Windows

Similar to the double hung windows, the single hung have only one sash, typically the bottom one, is operational. You can get the thinner lines in this window option as well so there is no need to sacrifice on function or looks.

Picture Windows

Also known as a fixed window, this style is purely decorative with no moving parts. A picture window’s sole purpose is to let in light and allow you to look outside and enjoy the view. If you would like a large window to enjoy without needing it to be operational, the picture window is the way to go.

Bay or Bow Windows

Ideal for large, panoramic views, a bay or bow windows create a nook to sit in and enjoy as the window panes push out from the home rather than parallel to it.

Corner Windows

If you are interested in a wrap around window to not miss out on the view from that angle, corner windows are a must. Similar to bow or bay windows, they are placed on the corner of your home to create a great nook in the corner of your home you can enjoy.

 Geometric Windows

To accentuate your home’s design, an octagonal window can look fantastic and add some creativity to the standard square or rectangular windows. You can get larger windows to really show off your view or stay simple while still adding flair.

 Custom Windows

 If nothing on the market is going to do justice to your view, you may want to look into custom ones. Decide size, shape, and styles to really guarantee you get everything you want out of your windows without having to settle.

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