Is Fiber Cement Siding Right for Your Michigan Home?

The exterior of your home is one of the biggest influences on how it looks to others. So that means the curb appeal of your home is mostly impacted by the siding choice and how well it looks on your home. One of the more popular types of siding being installed today is called fiber cement siding. Although fiber cement siding hasn’t been around for long it has really become a popular choice for homes here in Michigan and can really make your home look amazing once it’s installed. In this article I’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of using fiber cement siding MI and help you determine if it’s right for your home. 

Is Fiber Cement Siding Right for Your Michigan Home?

Since fiber cement siding is relatively new when it comes to the siding world many people simply don’t understand it and are hesitant to take a chance on it. Fiber cement siding has become a mainstream siding product over the past decade and it’s popularity has increased over years. With the weather here in Michigan many people think that the siding choice is not for them. However, even with the harsh winter weather that we have here in Michigan can be managed with this siding.

Is Fiber Cement Siding Right for Your Michigan Home?

What is Fiber Cement Siding

The siding that is created from combining materials such as Portland cement and cellulose fiber along with some other common ingredients such as sand and water is basically how fiber cement siding is made. Of course the different manufacturers of this type of siding will have their own custom ingredients and methods this is the basic structure. Fiber siding has been around for some time but cement wasn’t a key ingredient. In fact, some of the earlier fiber siding choices had asbestos in them which is not sold today. Instead, today’s fiber siding is made using cement which is perfectly safe.

Brands of Fiber Cement Siding

As I mentioned before, there are different manufacturers of fiber cement siding. Each manufacturer has their own processes for making the siding and there are also different qualities, prices, and warranties associated with each of them. Here are some of the major fiber cement siding manufacturers:

  • Cemplank
  • CertainTeed
  • GAF
  • James Hardie
  • MaxiTile
  • Nichiha

Here in Michigan one of the top fiber cement siding manufacturers is James Hardie siding. In fact, many people will refer to all fiber cement siding as James Hardie siding simply because of it’s popularity.

Advantages of Using Fiber Cement Siding

The advantages of installing fiber cement siding on your home can be massive. It’s gained lots of popularity over the past decade because it’s such a great choice of siding. Here are some of the benefits of using fiber cement siding on your home:

Very Durable & Lasts for Decades – Fiber cement siding warranties can last for 40 years or more. Manufacturers stand behind the siding simply because it works and is very durable. Even with huge temperature swings it stays aligned and can resist strong winds.

Insect and Rot Resistant – Termites and other insects can’t penetrate the siding and it’s also not affected by water unlike wooden siding. The siding resists many of the problems that are disastrous for other siding choices.

Fireproof – Since the siding materials are basically made from non-flammable materials such as cement and cellulose fibers it’s not combustible. In fact, fiber cement siding has  a Class 1(A) fire/flame spread rating. Class 1 products are the best at fire protection with having the best fire deterrent properties.

Custom Finish Available – Depending on the manufacturer that makes the siding of your choice you can chose to have painted or primed siding installed on your home. The more popular choice here in Michigan is James Hardie siding which offers both choices.

It Looks Amazing – Fiber cement siding looks great once it’s installed on the home. It can mimic wooden siding almost flawlessly. However, if you’re looking for different styles for the siding, you’re in luck because there are different patterns and styles that you can choose from for your home’s siding.

Disadvantages of Using Fiber Cement Siding

Although fiber cement siding is a great choice for home owners here in Michigan it can also have some disadvantages as well. I’ll outline some of the disadvantages below:

More Expensive than Vinyl Siding – Another popular choice of siding in Michigan is vinyl siding. Although there are huge advantages to using fiber cement siding versus vinyl siding it’s more expensive. Although you’ll get better appearance with fiber cement siding, it will cost more than vinyl siding.

Installation Needs to Be Done by a Professional – One of the biggest problems with fiber cement siding is that it is installed incorrectly. Many siding contractors simply don’t install the product correctly and you may end up having problems. In order to get it installed correctly make sure you use a qualified siding contractor in Michigan.

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