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Common Mistakes During a Kitchen Remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan and How To Avoid Them

When you decide to remodel your kitchen one of the biggest things to consider is your design. With so many factors in a relatively small space, it can be easy to mess up the design and create problems. But knowing what to avoid can help you get your ideal kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan without and drama or needing to redo something later on. Here are some of the common mistakes that many homeowners make when they start a project such as a kitchen remodel.

Common Mistakes During a Kitchen Remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan and How To Avoid Them

To get your kitchen remodel done the right way the first time around, it is important to avoid making some of these common mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes is not hiring a professional home improvement contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan to do the work for you. There are many different components in a kitchen remodel and each need specialized training. Since the kitchen has both specialized electrical circuits as well as plumbing and drains having a certified contractor is a must. This can also help with local inspections and permits also. Here are some common mistakes that many homeowners make when getting a kitchen remodel done on their homes:

Common Mistakes During a Kitchen Remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan and How To Avoid Them

Not Planning For Your Personal Needs

While it can be tempting to remodel your kitchen after what you see in magazines, it is important to put your personal use first. You are the one using your kitchen and it is important that you plan according to what you need. The best way to do this is to consider your current kitchen and what you like and don’t like about the design. Do you wish something was closer? Is there something that is always in the way? Is there something you liked about someone else’s kitchen? Use that information to best create your ideal kitchen.

Not Having Proper Ventilation

Ventilation can often be overlooked when planning your kitchen remodel. But with the steam, smoke and occasional burned meal, it is important to have a way for them to get out. While you may not want to spend the money on a range or ceiling fan, you will highly regret it when you cook your next meal.

Not Planning Out Your Outlets

Outlets are a key feature in any kitchen. With appliances like microwaves, toasters and coffee makers plugged in most, if not all of the time and the occasional crock pot or mixer needing to be plugged in, it is important to have enough outlets for everything. You also need to consider where you want certain things placed and how close the outlets need to be for that design to work. No one wants extension cords on their counters or to have to move appliances every time you want to use them. You also don’t want wall to wall outlets. Look at what you have now and consider what you would change.

Not Thinking About Storage

Storage in a kitchen seems to be a constant struggle. It seems like you either never have enough, or too much of a certain type of storage space. While it may cost more money, it is often better to go with a customized storage option, rather than just standard cabinets. This way you guarantee you are not only organizing your kitchen the way you want it, but also optimizing your kitchen space. Getting creative and going by what you specifically need can end up saving you space in the long term.

Not Getting A Professional’s Help

While it can be tempting to save money on your kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan by doing some of the work yourself, it is also important to make sure the work is done correctly. Otherwise, you can end up with plumbing and electrical issues, as well as having to pay for materials again if you put them in wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry and have a professional do it right the first time, rather than pay more than you need to. Call a qualified contractor such as Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor for your kitchen remodel. They offer free quotes and are fully licensed and insured. Call today at 734-619-1271.

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