Common Causes of a Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

Roof Leak Canton MI

A roof leak on your home is never a good thing. Once water starts to pour into the home from a roof leak it can lead to all sorts of problems. From damage to the insulation and drywall to your home to creating an environment that produces mold in your home. A roof leak should be dealt with quickly by a qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan. Roof leaks can occur for a variety of reasons and it is important to understand exactly what caused the roof leak on your home to prevent it from leaking more in the future. Here are some of the common causes for roof leaks on a home.

Common Causes of a Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

When it comes to a roof leak on your home having the proper tools and equipment needed to properly repair the leak usually means you’ll need a fully qualified roofing contractor. A roofing contractor will examine the leak on your home and then make repairs. They may also inspect other areas of the roof that could have been damaged. It’s important to understand what happened that caused the roof to fail so you can better prevent it from occurring again.

Common Causes of a Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

Broken Shingles on the Roof

One of the most common problems that is seen on the roof is broken shingles on the roof. Wind and storms can cause the tabs on shingles to break which effectively opens the roof up to damage. As the broken shingle will expose the underlayment in most cases, the roof leak may only start as minor and get larger over time. Typically when this occurs it’s because the roof is getting older. As the roof ages it starts to break down and is more easily damaged by storms and wind.

Improper Ventilation

Another common problem that can occur on the roof is condensation. If the attic in your home is not properly ventilated it can lead to condensation which may appear as a roof leak and show all the signs but not the roofing materials themselves will be the problem. This can also occur because animals build nests and other blocks in the vents which restrict or prevent air flow. This can also lead to mold growth in the attic which can be unhealthy.

Clogged Gutters on the Home

The gutters on your home should also be clear and free flowing. When the gutters on your home are clogged by leaves or other debris it can lead water backing up on the roof which can allow water to seep under the shingles of your roof. This can also create another problem called a roof ice dam. As ice and snow gathers at the edge of your roof the underside may melt and travel under shingles back up the roof. This water can lead to damage inside the walls, in the roof itself such as the roof decking and other problems. Make sure to regularly clean the gutters of your home.

Defective Skylight Seals or Chimney Seals

Anything that penetrates the roofing surface is prone to leaking. When a roofing component such as a skylight starts to leak it is usually because the skylight seal is broken or damaged in some way. Typically during colder weather the seals will shrink and expand during the heat of the day. As this expansion and contraction happens, it can lead to problems with the seal itself. This usually ends up cracking and allowing water to pass by the seals. This is common on almost any roof penetration such as chimney or plumbing pipes.

Age Can Play a Factor

As the roof ages it can start to break down. During this aging process the roof will become more brittle and the edges of the shingles will start to curl a bit. This allows wind to get under the shingles which can end up breaking the shingles as we mentioned earlier.

If you notice any of these factors on your home’s roof it is best to call a qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan to make roof repairs. One of the best roofers in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. They can inspect your roof and look for any problems and make repairs if needed. Call them today at 248-525-6950 for more details.

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