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Best Deck Material to Use in Michigan

Building a Deck in Michigan

Finding the best deck material to use in Michigan is decision that many people face when building a new deck or replacing their old decks. There are many different types of decking materials in use today and choosing the right one has a lot to do with where you’re located  and a few more things. In this article I’ll go over the best deck material to use in Michigan and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to each of these deck materials. 

Best Deck Material to Use in Michigan

Does you deck need repair or replacement? If so, be sure to look at some of the newer decking systems that are on the market today. Many of the new decking materials offer better quality than old ones. But is it a good fit to use on your home in Michigan. I’ll outline the different types and materials for decks below to help you choose the best deck material to use on your Michigan home.

Types of Decking You Can Use in Michigan

The following types of decking are some of the most common in Michigan. Although some of these decking materials such as composite decking have not been around long they have really gotten some traction in the market and deserve to be mentioned here. Perhaps because it’s one of the best deck materials available today.

Wooden Decking

The most common deck material in use today is wooden decking. Wooden decking has been around ever since people decided to build decks. They are typically made from pressure treated wood that can withstand weather and insects. The treating also helps the wood not rot even when it stays damp. A wooden deck is usually the most economical way to build a deck as well especially when lumber prices are low.

Best Deck Material to Use in Michigan

The disadvantages of having a wooden deck is that it needs maintenance. Usually every year you’ll need to seal the deck using water sealant much like paint. The wood can also dry out and crack or warp as well. This can be big problem because it can really throw off the symmetry of the deck when it happens. It can also cause wooden splinters if the wood cracks on places like banisters or hand holding components.

Composite Decking

A better option than wooden decking is called composite decking. Composite decking is installed much like wooden decking and comes in boards just like wood. The difference is composite decking is not made from wood but from vinyl and other compounds. They have a wooden texture and can be made in a variety of colors that can resemble wood if you like. It may also come in other colors such as gray to match concrete walkways and such. Composite decking is used a lot in areas that has lots of weather and water because it is made to withstand even the harshest climates. In Michigan when the temperature drops you won’t need to worry about the decking either.

Right now, the biggest disadvantage of composite decking is price. It cost more than wooden decking. The upside to installing composite decking however is that it will likely last much longer than wooden decking and it also doesn’t require maintenance like wooden decking does. You won’t need to apply sealant to the composite decking or repaint it for any reason. If you’re really wanting the best deck material then be sure to check out composite decking for your Michigan home.

Raised Concrete Decks

An option that some people like is concrete decking. This is a popular option for homes that are built close to the ground. Having a concrete deck much like a patio means that you don’t need to worry about weather however you may need to reseal the deck to keep a uniform color of the deck. Raising the deck by adding dirt under the deck can make it more attractive as well. The cost of a concrete deck can vary significantly depending on the size of the deck and also the amount it is raised from the existing landscape.

Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor for Your Deck Installation

No matter what you may consider the best deck material is if it’s not installed correctly then it won’t be good. Make sure you use a qualified home improvement contractor to handle your home’s deck and make sure it’s done right. One home improvement contractor we recommend is A2HomePros. They offer great rates and exceptional service. Contact them for a free estimate on your deck today.

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