Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters in Pinckney Michigan

Pinckney MI Gutter Problems

Your gutters play a big role in keeping water away from your house, that’s why cleaning them is very important. If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, then they can get clogged up with debris, leaves, and limbs. If your gutters do get clogged up, it can leave water traveling underneath your roof and create rotting in your roof. You can also have problems with roof ice dam in colder climates such as in Pinckney Michigan.


Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters in Pinckney Michigan

It’s always important to keep your gutters maintained to ensure they’re working proper to keep water away from your home and roof. If your gutter gets clogged up it can cause serious problems such as leaks or flood your home, this can cost a good bit to repair as well. To save time and money, it’s ideal to hire someone to clean your gutters, which isn’t much. Gutter cleaning averages around $110 and $150. It’s typically high because of work labor. However, if you don’t want to spend this type of money for your gutters cleaned by a professional, you can always do it yourself but there is some risks involved, so be aware of that.

Beginner's Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters in Pinckney Michigan

Cleaning Your Gutters Yourself

When it comes to hiring a professional to clean your gutters or doing it yourself, majority of the homeowners will tend to do it themselves, as it does save a good bit of money. However, like stated above, there is risks involved when you clean your gutters yourself. If your gutters is at small heights then cleaning your gutters yourself is surely an option. If your gutters are at a pretty tall height, then it’s better to hire a professional to clean your gutters.

If you do decide to clean your gutters yourself, take note that safety is your top priority. When cleaning your gutters, you want to make sure your ladder is placed precisely so you won’t end up falling. You can use the 4 to 1 rule when using a ladder, every 4′ you climb, move the base of the ladder 1′ away from the wall. You also want to make sure your ladder is firm onto the ground, you don’t want your ladder to be on a slope whilst climbing up it, resulting in a dangerous fall.

It’s always good to have protection for your eyes and hands, cleaning your gutters yourself is risky, you can expect a lot of leaves in your gutters however you never know what could potentially be lurking in your gutters while you’re cleaning them. Make sure to take precaution and use protective eye-wear and gloves when cleaning your gutters yourself.

Tools For Cleaning Your Gutters

  • Bucket
  • Ladder
  • Eye-wear
  • Hose
  • Plastic Gutter Scooper
  • Cord/Rope

Step 1: Preparation

Once you’ve got all the tools needed for your gutter cleaning, then you’re ready to get to work. To protect your yard from wet leaves and debris, attach your bucket to your ladder with your cord or rope, both will work perfectly fine. Make sure your ladder is placed firmly on the ground and bring your plastic gutter scooper up the ladder.

Step 2: Removing The Debris

When cleaning your gutters yourself, it may seem tedious however you don’t want to rush it. Take your plastic gutter scooper and start removing debris out of your gutter, anything that is clogging up your gutter needs to be scooped and put in the bucket attached to your ladder. If you find a nest or an animal in your gutter, it’s highly recommended to not remove it yourself. Contact an animal control professional to remove the animal safely without any harm.

Step 3: Flushing Your Downspouts And Gutters

When you’re done removing all the debris that can cause clogging in your gutters, you’re going to want to flush your gutters to get rid of any extra debris that could build up again after time. Grabbing your hole and starting from one end drowning the debris out should be good. Make sure to use the highest pressure on your hose.

After you’ve flushed your gutters, you’re going to want to flush your downspout, take your hose and wash all the extra debris that’s stuck or fallen inside of your downspout. After that’s done, you’re going to want to do one last flush down your downspout to make sure they’re working properly. If you happen to find a leakage in your downspout, it’s best to get it repaired.

Your gutter keeps your roof and home safe and away from water, however if you don’t clean them regularly they’ll tend to clog up and leave you in a tough situation. Make sure to clean them regularly to keep your gutters functioning correctly to avoid any damage or flooding.

What if You Notice Problems?

If you notice any problems with your home’s roof be sure to have a qualified roofing contractor to take a look and repair any damages. A recommended roofing contractor in the Pinckney Michigan area is A2Roofing. Give them a call today at 734-548-9915.

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