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A Professional Home Improvement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan Makes a Big Difference

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For most home improvement projects you’ll need the help of a qualified home improvement contractor. There are some home improvement projects which can be done by the homeowner and as a DIY project. However, for any project that deals with electrical circuits, plumbing or drains, and structural components of the home, it’s always best to hire a fully licensed home improvement contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan. If not, you can be creating a huge problem that can be dangerous and costly in the future. We’ll look at some home improvement projects you can do in the post below.

A Professional Home Improvement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan Makes a Big Difference

Winter means something different depending on which part of the globe you call home. Therefore, so does winterization. Winterization in northern regions is a very costly and time-consuming process. Winterization in southern areas means simply taking a few steps to ensure energy efficiency during the colder months. You have to start at knowing your house. Was it built efficiently for the winter months? You would be surprised how many homes are not. Many houses were built by any means available and the original owners may not have bothered to improve upon the first iteration of the home. This is very likely if you own an older house.

A Professional Home Improvement Contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan Makes a Big Difference

So what does winterization really entail? It could be as simple as repairing your home. Perhaps you have a warped window that needs to be replaced. Maybe you need to shim the door. It is a hard question to answer, but we will try to cover the basics.

Plug The Holes

  • Re-caulk any windows with gaps in them. If they are severely warped, consider replacing them. Ensure there are no gaps in-between any of your doors and their perspective sill. If there is, consider shimming and placing a rubber door stripping in any gapped areas.
  • Ensure that there are no holes in your roof, walls or floors. If there is have them repaired. It is highly unadvised that you do your own roof work, as it is highly hazardous.
  • Check around the bottom of all your walls for holes caused by rodents. Be sure to listen for any scratching within your walls as small animals have a tendency to burrow through your insulation.
  • Find out if your insulation is suited for your area. Sometimes whoever built the house simply bought the cheapest insulation they could find without even knowing what an R-value was. Consult a professional with your findings, you may be overpaying heavily on heating bills.
  • In many attics, people still have their vapor barrier This is the plastic that goes over your insulation. This will give you an opportunity to gauge the condition of your overall vapor barrier, or if you even have one. Vapor barriers keep your home and insulation dry. They are especially important during the winter.

Keep The Pipes Protected

  • If you live in a cold enough area it is very important to winterize your plumbing system. This could mean heat tape, or even some extra insulation and construction. One key piece of advice is to always have at least one faucet trickling water on the coldest nights of winter.
  • If you live in a cold enough environment it is imperative that your sewer line is around six feet under the ground surface. This keeps it below the frost line.

Have A Back-Up Heater

  • Though you must be careful about ventilation, camping heaters can do the trick. It would be best to have either an electric heater or even a wood stove. Having a wood stove installed can save you money on heat if you use it while also using your furnace. Then when your furnace goes down temporarily (and it will) you have a solid back-up source of heat.

Just A Start

There is more to winterization, and this is a general list. You may only need to turn down your water heater and throw some storm windows on to prepare for your gentle cold season. You may also need much more than what is written here. Your best option is to get ahold of a professional who may even tell you that your home is just fine and to chill out, all puns intended. If you would like more information on winterization please call A2 Home Pros at 734-548-9910.

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