5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Siding on Your Pinckney Michigan Home

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In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your home’s siding acts as a barrier between your home and external elements, such as inclement weather and animals, that could potentially interfere with your home. That being said, it’s critical you keep your siding in good condition. When your siding in Pinckney Michigan starts to fail getting a licensed siding contractor to replace or repair the siding is crucial to keeping your home protected. Here are some signs that your siding is starting to fail and will soon need to be replaced on your Pinckney Michigan home. 

5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Siding on Your Pinckney Michigan Home

Like every other aspect of your home, siding requires maintenance and won’t last a lifetime. In fact, many siding warranties will only last about 15 years total unless the siding was a higher quality siding with a longer warranty attached. That being said, there will come a time where you have to replace siding. But, it can be difficult to decide whether or not it’s time to replace siding. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top five signs it’s time to replace siding in Pinckney Michigan.

5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Siding on Your Pinckney Michigan Home

  1. Age of the Siding Installed on Your Home

Age is usually a good indicator it’s time to replace siding. For example, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing siding if it’s relatively new unless your area has experienced an influx of inclement weather or someone or something damaged your home.

As siding ages, it loses its functionality. In other words, your siding won’t be able to protect your home from external elements as well as it did when it was new. If your siding is around 20 years old, you should consider replacing it. If you can’t remember the last time your siding was replaced, that’s most likely an indicator your siding was replaced a long time ago. Therefore, it’s due for a replacement.

  1. Looseness in the Siding Planks, Boards, or Sheets

Another easy-to-tell sign it’s time to replace siding is looseness. Siding that’s in good condition will remain secure and tacked to your home. But, if your siding is losing its functionality, then it will most likely appear warped and hang loose from the side of your home. Vinyl siding  is  one exception to this rule as it does require a bit of looseness in order to maintain it’s integrity during warmer months.

In addition to being able to visually tell if your siding is loose, you will also be able to hear it. Especially on windy days, you will most likely be able to hear your loose siding shaking and clanking against your home.

  1. Holes or Bubbles in the Siding

If you see any holes or bubbles on your siding, then that’s most likely an indicator of a pest problem or water damage. Not only will your deteriorating siding cause problems for your home, but a pest problem or water damage could cause further damage.

If you notice any holes or bubbles, it’s extremely important you hire a professional, such as a pest control service, in addition to a general contractor to examine your home.

  1. Pricy Energy Bills

Like most things, such as a roof, that protect your home from external elements, you will most likely notice higher energy bills when your siding begins to deteriorate. This is because siding contributes to energy efficiency. In other words, siding helps regulate the internal temperature of your home while simultaneously keeping the external weather conditions out of your home.

But, if your siding is deteriorating, it won’t be able to keep external conditions from flowing into your home. Therefore, you might feel like you need to blast the air conditioner or crank the heater more than you normally would. In turn, the price of your energy bills will increase.

  1. Faded Paint

The last surefire sign it’s time to replace your siding is fading paint. Typically, siding paint lasts approximately ten years. If you notice paint chipping from your siding before the ten year mark, your siding most likely needs to be repaired.

For more information about siding repair, contact a licensed and qualified siding contractor in Pinckney Michigan today. A2 Home Pros is a great home improvement contractor that offers free quotes on siding projects. Call today for a free quote at 734-548-9910

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